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quote and question

"to be loved for!" he said, his voice grating with mockery and righteousness. "So you think that love is a matter of mathematics, of exchange, of weighing and measuring, like a pound of butter on a grocery counter? I don't want to be loved for anything. I want to be loved for myself-not for anything i do or have or say or think. For myself-not for my body or mind or words or works or actions."- atlas shrugged

so what would your reaction be if someone said that to you?
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My first, gut reaction would have to be: "But what are you but what you do and say and think? To love someone else solely because they exist isn't enough for me." (I could care less what someone has)

After all, can't someone do, or say, or think things that would be justification for me falling out of love with them?
true it is generally a series of actions or words that end a relationship...it is also how one starts