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More BDSM Rants

NOt all DOMS are "Hard Ass' and into Humiliation play....why do people think such stupid things...geez. Sometimes I really hate the publicity the SM society gets. My ex informed me that he thought I needed more training becuase I'm not "hard ass". Doesn't he get that often humiliation play is rarely done with in the community...and when it's done very carefully. I personally don't do it.

Another rant is about SM sex. Not all scenarios end in sex. In fact when I started in the BDSM community I was still a virgin...**gasp**and was until I was with a friend of mine who WAS NOT in the community. I know of several Dom's who use their position for sex....and this is wrong, and as well as unhealthy. If a coupls wishes to engage in sex that is one thing...but to use a postition as a "pick up" for sex is wrong. Many times sex a the end of a scenario will ruin it...destroy what was put in to it. For me the not having sex involved makes it that more release for the frustration...I guess I am an old fashion sensualist and romantic.
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